Kitty Clark Cole
Willmington, NC

As a Sport Dietitian and Coach, I refer to myself as an “Adult Onset Athlete!” My older brother was a marathoner in the days before it was the running boom and he wanted me to run a marathon with him and I told him he was nuts. He wound up dying in a race which prompted me to promise I’d run ONE marathon to honor his passion and memory. Fast forward to me looking at age 45 propelled me to train and race the Marine Corps Marathon. I crossed the finish line and “got it!” Within a month I was signed up for my second marathon and I’ve completed 18 stand-alone marathons including joining the 7Continent’s Club (completing a marathon on all 7 continents). I completed my first triathlon on Easter Island which I found when I travelled to compete in my S. American marathon. I didn’t know then but I’d be hooked!!! Due to a running injury in 2006 I could only swim so…slippery slope and an encouraging friend had me train for a sprint triathlon and the rest is history. I’m a 6X IM Finisher; 31X 70.3 Finisher and multiple other distance triathlons. I’ve friends that have been hit while training but July 2019 it all changed when my Sister Sandra was hit and killed while riding her bike. My goal is to channel my grief and anger into positive changes and safety for bikers and runners. #ItCouldBeMe is the perfect vehicle to accomplish those goals! Cheers!

Glen Hartrick
Jersey City, NJ

I met Glenn on the run course in Kona 2018, we were alone and he asked me “What is your story? Everyone in Kona has a story..” I went on to tell him and that was the start of our friendship. 

I am such a fan of his and today I am so incredibly honored to say he is one of our ambassadors. Here is a little about him:

Glenn Hartrick, an avid triathlete, was on a routine training ride the morning of June 12th, 2014 when his ride became anything but routine. A cycling crash which resulted in injuries that would change his life forever. 

He was immediately transported to Hackensack University Medical Center where he underwent several hours of surgery. While his injuries were extensive, a dream team of physicians worked on him to the best of their abilities. Glenn spent nearly a week in ICU before being transferred to the critical care unit where he realized he would no longer have the ability to control his legs.

After what felt like the longest month of his life, Glenn graduated to Kessler Rehabilitation Center. The world renowned, state of the art facility welcomed Glenn with open arms as they would have to take on many challenges together throughout the next two months. They grew to love this overly motivated athlete who was never willing to give up. Together they overcame many overwhelming challenges and obstacles, achieving physical milestones which would ultimately allow Glenn to break the tape of a finish line once again.

Carolyn Defoore
Austin, TX

Carolyn Defoore is a three-time Master’s Road National Champion (2017, 2018 and 2019) and a Driveway Series addict. She got her first taste of cycling on the track as a junior rider and started racing again as an adult in 2014 where she quickly worked her way up the ranks to a category 1 cyclist. She currently enjoys racing for the Texas based team, United Cycling. One of her goals as a cyclist is to foster growth in the sport of cycling, especially for women and young people, by promoting safety, confidence, and the joy of competition.

Merv Charles
London, England

I am a 50 year old cyclist from London and have been riding bikes since I was 7-years old. I’ve never raced bikes because to me cycling is all about fun and my competitive edge is never been geared towards cycling. I ride road bikes and mountain bikes but my favourite type of cycling to watch is BMX cycling. My favourite climb is Cap de Formentor in Mallorca and my favorite sportive is the Dunwich Dynamo. I’m a member of Rapha Cycling Club. My favourite local rides are Richmond Park and Box Hill. I also ride an annual night ride raising money for the Mayhew Animal Home, which is a local animal rescue centre.

Nadine Ford
Charlotte, NC

“Altho I’ve ridden bikes since I was 7 years old, I didn’t become a safe minded cyclist in 2006. that’s when I witnesses a fatal car/bike accident a long ride. That accident, along with the lack of black and women voices in the local bike community, prompted me to join the local bike action committee. 

In 2014, I worked with a few friends to create the facebook activity group “LFB-Charlotte: Leave Fear Behind”. This group is dedicated to Charlotte female cyclist. It was also created to give Black women a voice in this lifestyle as well. 

In 2018, I became a League Certified Instructor and in 2019, I became a Cycling Savvy Instructor. I most currently rolled off the Charlotte Bicycle Advisory Committee but still work hard to ensure all voices in this city are heard when it comes to safe cycling infrastructure. 

In addition to advocating safe biking for all people.

Stefanie Clutten
Ho;t, Michigan

I am a Rheumatology Physician Assistant from Michigan. I am primarily a runner and a triathlete, but can be encouraged into almost any activity within reason. I have a passion for being active outside with my husband and kids (5 and 7). Most weekends you can find us running, biking, swimming, hiking, kayaking, skiing or traveling.

Nicole Volek
Richmond, TX

Erin Fitzgerald
Doylestown, PA.

My name is Erin Fitzgerald and I’m from Doylestown, PA. I’m a wife, stepmom, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. I started seriously cycling (more recreationally than competitively) about 5 years ago. I always found running to be therapeutic and healing and when I started cycling I got those same feelings but now I felt like I could fly. The ability to cross so many miles in one day and see so many beautiful places and connect with so many more people opened a whole world. I found out early on that not everyone understands those sentiments and some don’t even understand that there are humans on these bikes. During my first half century ride, an angry motorist threw a full can of beer out of his window at me. I actually thought it was a firecracker because of the sound of it coming at me and the sun hitting the aluminum. And it burned. Turns out it wasn’t anything quite as horrible (gee thanks, Mr. Pickup Driver). I was bruised pretty badly, but otherwise fine. Thankfully I was a fairly solid rider and I didn’t fall and thankful the beer only hit my arm and thigh. If it had hit my face or there had been other cars on the road at the time or if I had fallen, it would have been a different story. Sadly, I know many who are part of that other story. These other stories sometimes make it difficult to get out there unless I’m on a closed trail and it just shouldn’t be that way. I want to see more of us in the news stories that make us smile, not the ones that make us get lumps in our throats. So I want to help raise awareness and understanding to make our roads safer and friendlier to all of us… and recruit some haters to see the light, save some lives, and maybe even come join the dark side with us (winking). I’m thankful for It Could Be Me and proud to be part of a team working toward change. 

Kelly Marquez
Lorenzo, TX

Gary Suydam
Denver, CO

Hi, my name is Gary Suydam. I’m a husband, father, brother, uncle, and a child. I commuted by bicycle to work every day in Denver (12 months a year for over 5 years). It was one of the best parts of my day. On January 27, 2017 I was riding home from work and had a green light at 26th and Wadsworth when a car turned in front of me. I hit the side of the first car only to be run over by a second car as I was on the ground. As a result of the collision I suffered a broken neck, a spinal cord injury classified as a C4 complete, a broken rib, two strokes, I had my gallbladder removed, and a blood clot (PE) in my lungs . 
I spent 32 days in the ICU & 3 months at Craig rehabilitation Hospital. 
I’m now a quadriplegic. 
This is not meant to be a warning to other bike riders, but rather a reminder for drivers to actively watch for bikes and pedestrians. No one wants to cause someone else’s injury.
Please remember that it could be any of us and it could be me, and in this case it was me.

Ginger Hayes- Potts
Gainesville, GA

Rebecca Dobbins
Greenwood, IN

Rebecca Dobbins is from central Indiana and is a mother of two, wife, nurse, and avid cyclist. She started her journey into the love of cycling back in 2014 when she found herself wanting to lose weight. She started by running and quickly progressed into triathlon. She is now a 3x IRONMAN and has done several 70.3 distance races as well as an array of smaller and speciality distance races, including Escape from Alcatraz. Rebecca is highly involved in her local cycling community, working with local leaders and advocating for safety. She spent time on the Board of Directors for her local advocacy organization, who worked to successfully push a safe-passing law through legislation in 2019. Rebecca also works closely with her local bike shop, Gray Goat Bicycle Company, whose owner is a strong local partner for advocacy, group rides, and cycling safety events. For 2020, Rebecca plans to coordinate educational events, group rides, and continue her advocacy for cyclist safety through It Could Be Me as a Cross Country Local Leader.

Preston Tyree
Austin, TX

I was born in 1943 and have been riding bicycles since I was 6 years old in Baton Rough LA. One of my worst crashes occurred as I was avoiding being hit by a left turning driver. Concussion, broken ribs, broken shoulder. Since 1996 I have been involved in educating people about safe cycling and have served as education director for my local club (Bike Austin) my state organization (Bike Texas) and the League of American Bicyclists. I still train and certify League Cycling Instructors. My latest endeavor to make the roads safer for cyclists of all forms is a Podcast called “It Depends: Riding Safely” that will hit the internet in March 2020. I have ridden on six continents, raced both road and mountain bikes and done one marathon. I now run a non profit ( that is providing trike rides for people with disabilities.

Sara Pixley
Griffith, Australia

Sara is a mum of 2 very active girls who lives in regional Australia. She has been active her whole life & started triathlon about 12 years ago…. about 3 years ago after a few scary incidents on the road, she decided to base her riding on the indoor trainer. In 2020 she has decided to get back outside, to enjoy the freedom & fresh air that cycling can bring. 

Sara hopes that the It Could Be Me movement can go world wide so that cyclists, runners & outdoor enthusiasts can share the roads safely with drivers. 

Rachelle Parra
Mt. Zion, IL

I am a 40 year old mom of one teenage daughter and Physical Therapist by day. By night, I am a triathlon coach through IRONMAN, team member of the IRONMAN FOUNDATION for the second year in 2020, part of the Team Infinit Performance for the first year in 2020, and zookeeper to many species of animals. I started in the endurance world in 2012 and haven’t looked back! I love the sport of triathlon. I love the people it has brought into my life. I love how much it has taught me about myself. It is so empowering to be a part of something larger than myself! I also am aware of the barriers to training and safety while doing so. I am committed to being an active local leader with the #ItCouldBeMe2020 group to advocate for the lifestyle we all hope to have for the rest of our long happy lives! 

Katie Tobin
Arlington, VA

Katie joined DC Tri Club in late 2011, just as the masters swim program was starting. She became one of the coaches in early 2012, the same year as her first 70.3 in Augusta. Energized from that event, she signed up for Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2013.

She loves anything to do with swim, bike, run, puppies and mountains.

Courtney Dennis

Hempstead, North Carolina

Julie Dunkle
Encinitas, CA

Kenneth Kring
Louisville, KY

Triathlete, husband, and dog-dad with a passion for serving others. As a veteran (U.S. Coast Guard) I’ve experienced first hand the saving power of exercise and community. I volunteer or participate in veteran focused events across the southeastern U.S. as often as I can. As an ambassador of #ItCouldBeMe my goal is to help promote respect and understanding between motorists and the cycling community. “

Rose Scovel Indianapolis,IN

Rose started cycling with purpose in 2009 after starting an active lifestyle in 2008. 

She has done the full Register’s Great Bike ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI) three times and finished the Ride Across Indiana once in 2019 (160 miles – 14-hour time limit). 

She finished her first Ironman 70.3 in 2014 and became an Ironman in 2018. 

One of her friends and training partners was killed while riding in 2016. Weeks before her Ironman a driver pulled in front of Rose and her husband on a training ride. 
Rose was in front and braked and swerved. Her husband crashed into her and fell hard. Both were ok but shaken. 

Professionally Rose is a community planner and currently works for a regional planning organization serving central Indiana.

Lise Neer
Denver, CO

Berkeley, MI

I found my love for cycling and running nearly 20 years ago when I started training for my first marathon and I’ve never looked back! Now my husband and I spend most of our free time together on our bikes,  riding fur a healthier life.  Unfortunately through the years I have had a few run ins with distracted drivers during my training runs and rides but always have been able to walk away from them unscathed.  Unfortunately I have too many friends and teammates who have not been so lucky. I’m excited to be an ambassador for the It Could Be Me movement because it’s time that we change the narrative around vehicles,  pedestrians,  and cyclists for a safer world for all of us! 

Amanda Mayes
Austin, TX

I am a native Texan and multi-generation Austinite who prefers the slower pace of the hill country. I am a proud member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2003, my parent’s favorite daughter and a “bratty” little sister to my brother. Two schnauzers, Jens and Magnus, plus one impossible manx cat named Sinatra call me their fur mom. 

My husband got me interested in cycling while he was on the Texas A&M Cycling team and bought me my first road bike for our first wedding anniversary in 2004. We spent a lot of time doing charity rides and my love for bikes continued to flourish. By 2008 I had started learning to mountain bike with a local group called Ride Like a Girl and in 2011 I became a ride leader. I love mentoring new riders on all aspects of riding. Along the way I started racing mountain bikes and in 2012 accomplished a big goal of winning a State Championship in my age division in the Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association Marathon Series. I have dabbled a little in gravel racing, but I tend to enjoy watching the scenery and riding too slow to truly call it a race so I will likely never podium in one.

On September 7, 2019 it no longer could be me, it was me. I was riding with my husband on our weekly date ride, exploring a new route in Burnet County on a beautiful sunny day. About 35 miles in I was hit from behind by a Ford F150, his speed was estimated at 40-50mph. He did stop and cooperated with authorities, he wasn’t texting but did not see me even though there was nothing to visually impair him on the road. I was launched into the air and flew past my husband before landing in a ditch.  By the time the ambulance got me to the hospital my blood pressure was indicating internal bleeding, I lost an estimated 2-3 liters of blood and had two surgeries to repair a torn mesentery artery. I had an additional surgery on my ulna which snapped in half. My left lung partially collapsed, and I was on a ventilator for six days. The lung continued to have issues and I had to have a chest tube inserted. I had 13 other fractures including two in my pelvis and my T12 vertebrae. I spend 16 days hospitalized, with an additional 10 days in a rehab facility. Due to the T12 fracture I had to wear a TLSO brace for 93 days. Miraculously I had no head trauma and have mostly recovered from all the injuries. I was able to start biking again 98 days after the crash and have been able to continue riding mostly trails while continuing my recovery. 

I was introduced to Triny through Facebook while I was hospitalized through a mutual friend and began telling others about #itcouldbeme. Since the crash I have become passionate about telling my story and educating others on safety both as a cyclist and a motorist. I look forward to serving as an ambassador and continuing to spread the message. 

Ginger Hayes Potts
Gainsville, GA

Ginger Hayes Potts, 41, from Gainesville, GA, is a triathlete from team The Cupcake Cartel. Potts began her competitive swimming career at 5 years old. She discovered triathlon in college while on the JV swim team and cycling team for Auburn University. Recently re-activated in the sport, Potts specializes in short distance triathlon, from super sprint to Olympic. She hopes to qualify for Team USA in 2021 and race at the ITU World Championships. Through participation with It Could Be Me, she will work to bring awareness, safety, and joy to the cycling community.

Potts is also a member of The Collective Beat, Orr Factory Racing Team and Team Infinit.

Alena Croy
Edmond, OK

Alena is a 33 year old triathlete, born and raised in beautiful Oklahoma. She is an active member of TriOKC, the local multi-sport club. She believes in volunteerism. She encourages others to try swimming, running, and cycling and join this wonderful, all inclusive community. Alena has completed over thirty half marathons. She is a Jupiter level member of the Half Fanatics Club. Alena is the mother of four children and works in local government. She serves on the Board of Directors and as the Public Relations Chair for the Oklahoma Association of Public Procurement. 

John Wheeler
Oklahoma City, OK

Belen Valdovinos
Katy, TX

Jessica Stankiewicz
Niagara Falls, NY

Stephanie Maiorano
Atlanta, GA

Leslie Morgan
Boulder, CO.

Kassi Volpentesta
Pewaukee Wisconsin

Ruth Rickey
Oklahoma City, OK

Ruth discovered her love for triathlon and cycling as part of her recovery and treatment for an incurable form of leukemia.  She regularly trains and races with her husband, brothers and friends at races around the US.  She is President of TriOKC, serves as Captain for the Finish Line at Ironman Tulsa and works as an attorney for a credit union.  Ruth has also taught cake decorating internationally and can be found rescuing dogs whenever her husband allows!

Luc Neree
Coral Springs, FL

Army Vet ?? Triathlete ??????Strength Coach??Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Rebecca Sternberg
Oakland, CA

I am a single mother of three, a triathlete and Ironman and lead a consulting group helping corporations mitigate climate change.  

A love of the geography of the West and the grit of taking on endurance sporting challenges led me to trail running and triathlon.  

In riding on the road, despite following all traffic rules and safety precautions; I’ve been consistently yelled at by drivers, targeted, even hit by an Uber while bike commuting to work in the bike lane.  Uber and the driver took no accountability.  It is frightening every time I ride; but I do it because training is my stress relief and a way of life for me.  I am riding safely and following the law.  We should have the freedom to bike, run and pursue our passions without fear.  My three children rely on me and need their mom.

I recently asked an ER doc friend if I was more likely to die from COVID or riding my bike on the roads.  He said “riding your bike on the road”.

Jenna King
Orlando, FL

Corrie Parton
Uxbridge, Ontario

I am an avid cyclist: MTB’er, roadie and gravel worshipper, dreamer, adventurer, wife, mom to 2 awesome kids, lover of all things two-wheeled, and I always greet life with a smile. Never known to stay still for long, there are always lofty goals on my “to-do” list, and more in the waiting once those have been tackled.

In July 2006, just shy of my October wedding, I was struck by an inattentive driver whom didn’t yield to my right of way in an intersection. The head-on collision left my bike in pieces, helmet cracked in two, and my body thrown almost 30’ from the windshield of the oncoming vehicle. Bruised and broken, I spent the next number of months healing and rehabilitating, and almost a year passed before climbing back into the saddle. 

I have participated as a Board Director to advocate for more participation and enhancement of trails for cyclists, was a pro athlete on an all-women’s cycling team that mentored and coached other women into the sport, as well as started a youth cycling group that meets weekly to get more kids on bikes.  I’m as passionate about riding the trails as I am about hammering it out on the roads.  I’m excited to now be part of #itcouldbeme to work toward building better relationships, recognition and respect between cyclists and drivers to ensure everyone makes it home safely. 

Debbie Wog
Oklahoma City, OK

I’m Debbie Wog from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I’m married to the best race sherpa ever and have two adult children.  I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years (even though I have a Bachelors degree in Economics).  I’m a Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Group Fitness teacher.  I fell in love with running and triathlon about 15 years ago.  I’ve completed numerous full and half iron-distance triathlons and over a dozen marathons.  In 2012, I was involved in a near-fatal accident while riding my bicycle – thus sparking my drive to educate and bring awareness to issue of cyclist/runner safety. 

Tonia Wilson
Cassadaga, NY

Tonia Wilson and her husband, Mark, own Wilson Endurance Sports, LLC which produces 28 events across NY State and 1 in CT;  Triathlon, Duathlon, Running and Kids events. Mark has been an avid cyclist for over 20 years and Tonia only began her passion for riding in 2016.  In 2017 they were involved in a distracted driver incident.  Thankfully there were no serious injuries.  Since cycling is a very large part of their everyday life, #itcouldbeme is a cause that is near and dear to them both.  Keeping us all safe on the roads; cycling, walking or running, is top priority.

Shawn Watson
Myrtle Beach, SC

I am a Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor, in remission since 7/9/14, and ride daily for charity.  I don’t use my name because it’s not about me.  It’s about getting folks out, up, and okay.  I use ” World’s Okayest Cyclist” because I just wanted to be Okay again after my cancer.  I had the dream of getting folks out and about to better their health.  My current mission is a 10,783 mile charity ride to raise awareness and funds for cancer.  I am riding for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as the Great Cycle Challenge (Children’s Cancer Research Fund). The 10,783 miles is roughly a lap around the US and how I came up with that magic number.

In the three years that I have been riding I have had two car contact incidents and another that ran me off the road.  None stopped.  Since I ride alone I now ride with cameras front and back.  A 3000 lumen and a 400 lumen front lights setup.  In the rear I have 110 and 100 lumen red lights on my seat post, a red light on the back of my helmet, and another on the left side of my bike.  

You have choices in life.  You can complain about it, feel sorry about it, or do something about it.  I chose the latter.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t do a little of the others though.  I want to be the change in the world that I want to see.  I have been volunteering with our local Bike & Pedestrian Council to help locally with bike safety.  We are currently working on a program to teach safety and provide lights in our community

Lena Jo McCoy
Cave Creek, AZ

Lena Jo McCoy began her passion for cycling later in life and is absolutely the embodiment of the phrase, “Never say never.” Her husband started cycling after he had problems with his feet and could no longer run. He encouraged and asked her to join him in riding but Lena’s response was, “not interested.” After her husband was hit by a vehicle and injured, Lena’s response was, “I will never ride a bike.” Fast forward a few months when her husband once again asked her to reconsider and participate in a bike ride, “Pedal the Plains” in Colorado, which was taking place in and around her hometown. After the promise of a new bike and clothes, McCoy agreed to join the ride. She has never claimed to be an athlete and has multiple scars on her knees to prove that lack of coordination is not a reason to give up. Living in Cave Creek, AZ, McCoy enjoys biking all year ‘round. When she isn’t riding her bike, Lena is a writer, a slave to her English Bulldog and adoring wife of the husband that flamed the fire of passion and desire to cycle.

Tina Adisson
South Mills, NC

Hi, my name is Tina. I am a dog mom. I am a sister; I am a daughter. I am a friend. I am your supporter of keeping you moving.

Amanda Boyer
Tampa, FL

Hi! My name is Amanda, and I live in sunny Tampa, FL. I enjoy all things swim, bike, run. Oh, and puppies, dark chocolate, and red wine. In my free time, I can usually be found training for long-course triathlon or reading a good book. I’m excited for the opportunity to be apart of this initiative, and look forward to doing my part to help make the roads safer for all. 

Clark Carvish
Ottawa, Canada

I am a husband, father of 4 and grandparent. Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. I have always been active in sports (fastball, hockey), running, biking and swimming certainly wasn’t part of them. My journey started in Sept. 2011 with the words to my sister in law “If you can’t find anyone to do the Spartan race, I will do it with you” Fortunately (Although at the time I figured unfortunately) this changed my life, thanks Vicki!! Gave myself a goal, start training Jan 1st, yes, one of those New Years Eve deadline things. I will say I have never looked back, started with 5K races, now do half marathons and triathlons, sprint, Olympics and 70.3 half Ironman. I have been a huge advocate of equality in triathlon, supporting 5Q (Fifty Women to Kona), Tri-Equal. We are in a wonderful city with many cyclists, routes and lanes!! I look forward in supporting “It Could Be Me” anyway I can. Yes, I am one of those people when I go out riding, I am always concerned with drivers and other cyclists. Education is important

Trisha Niswander
Enterprise, MS

Trisha is a wife, mom, Human Resource Professional and athlete from Meridian, Mississippi.

She enjoys cycling with friends and local groups, and recently completed her first organized ride in Greenwood, MS. She is currently training for a half Ironman in May of 2021.

One of her favorite things about cycling is the friends she has made and the experiences she has had through growing in the sport.

Raising awareness is also an area she would like to grow in, and she is excited to see that happen through involvement with It Could Be Me!!

Leslie Morgan

Leslie Morgan

Karin Weller
Turlock, CA

I’ve been an active cyclist and ultra-distance racer since 2014, and a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete since 2016. I’m the mother of three daughters, a wife, and an Oma.

David Menziez
Claremont, FL

My name is David I have been doing triathlons for 30 years now. I have been run off the road on my bike more than I can count! I am a 5 year Navy veteran and now an endurance coach and personal trainer. I love helping people become the best they can be! I love what this organization is doing!⁠

Danielle Moore
Hatboro, PA

Danielle is a 25 year old triathlete from outside of Philadelphia, PA, and working on her Master’s of Public Policy. She is passionate about cyclist safety on the roads since she was in a car accident due to a distracted driver in 2019, and had found a love for cycling earlier that year. Danielle hopes to help raise awareness and a policy agenda for cyclist road safety that is comprehensive, empathetic, and effective in implementation as a Local Leader for It Could Be Me.

Michelle Bandur
Omaha, NE

Michelle Bandur grew up riding her bike all around her neighborhood and while she delivered the local newspaper in Omaha, NE.

“Biking is my first love,” said Michelle.

Michelle works as a television journalist at KETV in Omaha. She has worked at 13 television stations across the country and always packed her bike with her.

She has completed six Ironmans, more than a dozen 70.3’s, and dozens of Olympics and Sprint races.

Michelle believes cyclists and triathletes shouldn’t be forced to ride on their trainers indoors. “The view of the country from your bicycle seat is like none other,” she said.

Michelle has worked on the Omaha Mayor’s Active Living Advisory committee. Michelle is a co-founder pf a non-profit for young girls, Ironhawk Juniors Tri Club. The program teaches girls self-confidence while empowering therm through the sport of triathlon. Read more about the program in Triathlete magazine! Michelle was featured on its cover and shares her story of how she helps empower girls through triathlon.

The program and equipment are free to participants. Learn more here.

Watch Michelle’s TEDX on how and why she helped start the tri club. 

Elizabeth Garcia
Austin, TX

Hi, I’m Liz Garcia from Brownsville, Texas. I have been riding for fun and for exercise since I first moved to Austin in 2009. Since then, I have met many training buddies who inspired me to do longer and longer bike rides. We have shared sweat, blood, and tears on all those roads and trails. Their many stories of run-ins with cars and ornery drivers has inspired me to join the #itcouldbeme movement. I hope to consolidate a plan for the safety of both car drivers and bike riders in South Texas. 

Catrina Ralston
Suffolk, VA

Scott Jenney
Austin, TX

Hi, I am a bicycle instructor presently moving to the University of Irvine, CA Beckman Laser and Medical Institute.

I focus on Family and kids bicycle events and rodeos.

I develop medical devices and the last product released was for COVID-19 .victims

Kat Widmark

Jen Scalise-Marinofsky
Framingham, MA

Jen became a triathlete over 25 years ago after decades of competitive swimming. She has competed in 15 Ironman triathlons, 6 of them at the World Championships in Kona.  She has also competed in numerous 70.3’s, Olympics and sprints.  This passion became more than a personal hobby when she became a certified triathlon coach over 10 years ago.  Jen is also a swim coach for both a developmental team and masters group.  

Jen trains with her Boston Triathlon Team teammates, where she also serves as Athletics Director on its Executive Committee.  She has known several people who have been hit by motorists and has always wanted to advocate for cyclist and runner awareness, so when she heard about Triny’s story and #itcouldbeme, she was excited to become an Ambassador.  

Jen has a husband and nine year old son, who also love to bike.  She thinks it’s incredibly important to make the roads safer for kids to get out there and ride…and for parents to be able to come home safely to their families.  

Donna Beenier
Uncasville, CT

Christine Dominey
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi I am Christine, I am originally from Belgium and speak French. I am a single Mom of an amazing kid that is getting ready for college and we leave in Charlotte NC. When it comes to world of triathlon I am definitely a “late bloomer” as I was 48 when I completed my first sprint tri and 49 for my first HIM. I fell in love with triathlons when I joined Tri It For Life in 2016 and return to TIFL every year to mentor incoming athletes. My favorite sport is running followed very closely by Biking. Even though I’m a triathlete I absolutely do not like swimming! However it does not stop me to dream and hope that someday I will find the courage to complete a full IM (hopefully by my 55 Birthday). This sport has given me the opportunity to become the best, most real version of myself and has brought some amazing friendships into my life! I am forever grateful to this sport.

Andrea Good
Kitchener, Ontario

Kristen Hewitt
Jupiter, FL

Paulina Munoz

David Sliwicki
Lake Forest, IL

Camilo Gutierrez
Boston, MA

Former Marine and Agile Product Director based in Boston,MA

Cycling has been a huge part of my life since I was a child. I saw my older cousin race inside a Velodrome and I was hooked.  I’ve also been running as well for a while and have completed 7 marathons and one 70.3 Ironman.  Safety is my number one priority whether I’m cycling or road running and even when I’m doing open water swim sessions. I would love to pass my passion and love for these sports to all that are interested including how to practice them safely. 

Samantha Goeke
Nashotah, WI

I’m a born and raised Wisconsinite, and after a brief stint in South Carolina, have come back home. I work as a physician assistant in OBGYN and will be celebrating 5 years of marriage soon with my high school sweetheart. I am an adult onset runner, cyclist, swimmer, and triathlete and couldn’t be more hooked ❤️ Besides spending lots of time out on the road running and biking, my favorite thing to do in the summer is go camping. 

Keith Fairfield
Clermont, FL

I’m a husband and father of two. I’m retired and now Funemployed as a Ride Ambassador for Trek Clermont Bicycle.  I’m also a Duathlete and Florida Bicycle Assoc. (FBA) certified ride leader. ?

Ramon Corrada
Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

Ramón Corrada is a long time sports enthusiast and athlete from Puerto Rico. He is a sports tourism, sports marketing, hospitality, and events university professor in Puerto Rico and also an events & sports marketing consultant. Ramon is passionate about cycling and loves to ride road bikes as well as mountain bikes. He is been formally riding bikes for over 25 years and whole heartedly believes in being safe on the road as a cyclist and also as a car driver looking out for other fellow cyclists.  He is a proud husband and father of two young boys who also enjoy riding bikes. Ramon is excited to be part of the ItCouldBeMe team to make sure is never about him or any other cyclists out there on the road!

Caro Moilanen
Charlotte, North Carolina

I am originally from Argentina but moved to the USA as a teenager on my own seeking a better future. I reside in NC with my husband Curtis. I love running, I enjoyed during a marathon for the first time last year. I am working on becoming a triathlete in 2021! 

My pet peeve when it comes to the sport is people who don’t wear a helmet, even when in short rides or greenways. I like to tell people: You only get one brain, invest on it. 

Jennifer Temperley
Manhattan Beach, CA

Jen is a Triathlon USAT Certified Coach, Personal Trainer, Competitive Triathlete, and member of Team Betty. A division 1 collegiate swimmer and a USAT top-ranked Triathlete, Jen has a passion for being outside & enjoying new adventures. She has been a 6×70.3 World Championship competitor, and a Kona IM finisher – but beyond that, she just loves the connections met during training & travel. As a married mother of two busy children, she understands that there are many facets to training, not the least of which is life balance. She believes time spent exercising will be multiplied back in terms of extra energy and a better ability to handle life’s ups and downs.   Being a cyclist for over 20 years, the nerves build-up for getting out on the road amongst distracted drivers.  Slow down, breathe, and unplug!!!

Katie Hamister
Cary, NC

I’m a proud mom to two kids, executive director of Hamister Family Foundation, an artist, photographer & a triathlete. I like to think I have a sense of humor and always choose optimism over all else.

October 12, 2019 I was T-boned by a  driver with a pick up truck while training for my goal races of the season. I flew off my bike and landed on my left wrist and left glute. Breaking my acetabulum and other bones in my Pelvis, shattering my left wrist and pinkie requiring an extensive surgeries. I have one more surgery later in 2020. My crash was unreal. I was in the hospital and rehab hospital for three weeks.

What I learned in those weeks in the hospital…motorists are unaware of update laws. They do not understand that it is their responsibility to also know bike laws. I know this will happen to more of us and we can’t stop It, but I also know that by making drivers aware Of the laws And upholding the consequences to the motorist that these accidents can be avoided. That this can happen to less of us.

Being out in my bike is my happy place.

Cindy Fisher
Brunswick, ME

I’m a wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, dog mom, and I ride and run outside. I’m part of It Could Be Me to make the roads safer for all cyclists, runners, dog walkers, everyone who uses the roads. 

I wish I could go to the bike summit but not this year. We do have a 3’ rule in Maine but not a lot of people pay attention to it. I was so happy when I was riding with my 30 year old son and he gave cyclists their 3 feet. 

I do wish we could educate cyclists to NOT ride 3 across and to wear helmets though!

Robert Patterson
Oklahoma City, OK

I am a husband, father and grandpa. I have been a runner and cyclist for to many years to count. I started competing in triathlons 5 years ago. I have competed locally, nationally and internationally. I have been a board member of our local tri club and continue to help anyway I can. I really enjoy helping others reach their goals.

Clint Burfitt
Victoria, Australia

My first love is cycling both road and trails. I love endurance events to challenge me. I have done Everesting events to raise money for The Black Dog Institute, raising awareness for mental health.

I’ve also done the three peaks challenge falls creek ( road) and the Otway Odyssey (Mtb).

I’m now converting to triathlon and currently training for various events such as challenge Shepparton 70.3, ironman Melbourne 70.3, then April next year I’m aiming for Port Macquarie full Ironman.

I’ve been run off the road by drivers as I’m riding. It is super important that we work together to raise awareness for the safety of all those who use the road.

Amy Curry
Houston, TX

Amy got off the couch through a Couch to 5K program in January 2018 and hasn’t looked back. Since then she’s completed several sprint tris, 10ks, a 15k, and a half marathon. In 2020, her schedule includes another half marathon, her first olympic tri, and the MS150 — a 150 bike ride from Houston to College Station that supports Multiple Sclerosis. Having nearly been hit by a car in a crosswalk while running on a designated exercise path, Amy is committed to making the roads and designated exercise paths/trails safer for all. Amy has 3 kids, a bunch of pets, and a very patient husband!

Kristy Tomasello
Jacksonville, FL

I’m an avid distance runner that has a new found love for road cycling. I hope more people can find the happiness I have found with running and cycling.  Hiking and traveling are also a huge love of mine.  

Jan Stover
Melbourne, FL

Jan recently moved to the Sunshine State and is embracing the joy of being able to wear flip flops year round.  She and her husband, Brad, are empty nesters and share their home with two fun pups.  Cycling is a favorite past time and is enjoyed often as part of triathlon training.  

Robin Smith
Lebanon, IN

I grew up in Las Cruces New Mexico the Land of Enchantment.  I grew up playing soccer and ran track in highschool.  Growing up I used to love running my dog and found running easy.  I married and later had three boys Zane, Aiden, and Brandon.  I divorced and put running aside.  I did however still stay very active.  I picked up biking, hiking, and roller blading.  I remarried in 2010 and moved to Indiana with my spouse of almost 10 years Thad Smith.  Since being in Indiana I have become more involved with trail running, biking, and running.  I am currently a member of Team Red, White, and Blue which helps local veterans.  I also joined a women’s group of triathletes called the Atomic Bettys.  I have now participated in a few triathlons as well as duathlons.  I am ready to share my knowledge and help out my community anyway I can.  My moto is keep on keeping on

Charles Marvin
Mount Holly, NJ

My name is Charles from NJ. I’ve only been road biking for the past 5 years, mainly to break up a lot of the running that I was doing. Using cycling to break up my runs gave me the idea to start doing duathlons which I like doing. I really enjoy getting out on the county roads by my home and enjoying the scenery. Luckily for me I haven’t had too many issues with motorists and would like to keep it that way. 

I look forward to being apart of the It Could Be Me family.

Ontario, Canada

Lisa Carter-Rae
Ontario, Canada

 I am an age group triathlete, a mom, a wife, a Phys Ed and ESL  teacher, a member of Coeur Sports Collective Beat, a caregiver mentor for Imerman Angels, and recently had a total hip replacement at age 47.  (40s are the new 60s, ha ha ha!).  I am super scared now of cars on the road as a big fall could destroy my implant and my femur.  I continue to be angered and disappointed in how careless drivers are of our road space. 

Kim Danahy-Coyne
Avon, NY

Daniel Cosh
Montgomery, NY

Hi, My name is Dan Cosh and I am a husband and a father to 3 boys. I returned to the world of biking last year after an 18 year hiatus when I began training for triathlons. I quickly fell back in love with the joy that comes with biking, especially with my family. After spending so much time on the road, both biking and running, I have seen first hand the need for an increase in driver awareness and education to help ensure road safety for all. I look forward to using this ambassadorship and the movement of #itcouldbeme for a positive change in my area. 

Ben Green

Paula Fairchild
Paintsville, KY

I am criminal investigator, part time college professor. Outdoor enthusiast. Cyclist for a charitable cause as well as for hobby. Runner. Proud mom of a nurse- to -be. 

Carol Toth

Hi, my name is Carol Toth. I’m excited to be an ambassador for It Could Be Me. I’m a wife, mother of three, grandmother of four, daughter, sister, friend, and a volunteer. I started an adventure when I retired a few years ago to get healthier and to have an active lifestyle.  I started running, swimming, biking, and enjoy hiking as well.  My first year riding a road bike was an education, and have had a few uncomfortable moments being passed by cars and a truck at no more than an arms length.  I believe we can all look out for one another, so motorists, cyclists, runners, and walkers can be safe while sharing the road. I’m excited to be a part of bringing awareness and education so our roads can be a safe place for all.

Lori White
Richmond, VA

Aaron Davies
Barker, NY

Lois Metcalf
Walkerton, Ontario, Canada!

Hello from Walkerton, Ontario, Canada!
I’m Lois J. Metcalfe and I reside with my husband, Robert, my daughter Sasha and our sweet puppy, Emmy.
I’m fortunate enough to be able to train for running races from 5 k’s to Marathons. A few years ago I started getting more serious about biking which inevitably lead me to enter Duathlons.
My husband and I bike in 2 large charity events, Ride Don’t Hide and Gran Fondo. It was there at one of the events that we almost got hit by a motorist. Frightening!!But my close calls didn’t stop there…I was close to being hit by a van while running in town and another incident where I was biking and a motorist backed out of their driveway and nearly hit me.
I became aware of #itcouldbeme when one of my teammates from Dixie Devil (Triathlon Group) had a dear friend killed in the tragic Las Vegas biking accident.
I’m very excited to share #itcouldbeme to my family, friends and community.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity as an Ambassador for #itcouldbeme.
Let’s make our roads a safer place so no one fears getting out and doing the things they love.

John Tate
Oregon City, Oregon

Hi, I’m John Tate, a father of two from Oregon city, Oregon. I enjoy hiking, hunting, climbing, dogs, horses and cycling. I ride to stay healthy and to explore the world at a pace where I can really see things. I also ride to fight Multiple Sclerosis and to support other groups that help people who really need it. I once towed my dog Jax behind my bike from Oregon to Florida to raise money and awareness for K9s for Warriors, a group that rescues dogs from kill shelters and trains them to become service dogs for disabled military veterans. The people we met during those three months — from all walks of life, all across America — restored my faith in humanity. Some fed us, others gave me route advice, helped find campsites, took us into their homes, helped fix my bike, or gave money to the cause. Just about everyone I met wanted to help in some way. Although I did all the pedaling, it felt like humanity actually picked my dog and me up and carried us across the country. Now I always assume the best about everyone, before I even meet them. I hope you’ll assume the same when you encounter a bicyclist out on the road!

Bennet Brookstein
Philadelphia, PA

Sheila Wallace
Fort Mill, SC

I’m a new triathlete!  Finished my very first sprint triathlon in June 2019 and fell in love!  Have been out of shape for years but finding triathlon is changing all of that!  I love biking and running and have become so aware of just how dangerous our roads are to athletes training and want to do my part to make people aware of the traffic laws.  It really could be me out there!

Natalia Flores
Charlotte, NC

Based in Charlotte, Natalia Flores serves as mentor and board member for Tri It For Life (TIFL), an organization inspiring women of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and abilities to develop healthy lifestyles and welcome them into the sport of triathlon. In 2020, alongside several TIFL members, Flores joined the #ItCouldBeMe family as an ambassador to help promote cyclist and pedestrian safety in her community. Her passion is to help more women (and young girls) to get active. She has served as a brand ambassador for Women for Tri, Coeur and TriTats and a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run. A native of Argentina, Flores is an award-winning public relations professional that excels at helping brands connect with multicultural audiences authentically. On most weekends, you can find Flores training with friends and family – including her husband and daughter, which are also triathletes.-

Michelle Afflito
Charlotte, NC

I grew up in NJ but have lived in the Carolinas for over 20 years. Running is my happy place. I also really enjoy cycling and the feeling I get when I’m riding. I began doing triathlons last year. Nothing is better than setting a goal with any of these sports and the feeling after accomplishing it. Triathlon has empowered me to choose not to give up in regards to the things I’ve had to overcome and instead embrace the challenges in my life.

I also enjoy most anything outdoors like hiking, camping, and spending time with my dogs. 

Kecia Place-Fencl
Ames, Iowa

Hey there! As a multi IRONMAN finisher, I am grateful and lucky to have a spouse to swim/bike/run (and sometimes race) with. We love spending time on the open roads and support initiatives to help make the roads safer for everyone. I also enjoy snuggles with our two black labradors, yoga, reading, traveling, and outdoor adventures.

Brenda Ewing
Waynesville, OH

Jenn Mickus
Charlotte, NC

Jenn Mickus started her triathlon journey 3 years ago after joining Tri It For Life where she now mentors other women to become triathletes. She loves having the opportunity to spread the joy that triathlon brings her to others. She has trained and competed in several races (running, cycling, and triathlon) but also enjoys the sports as fun leisure activities. It’s a great way to make friends and stay active!

Jenn is thrilled to join the It Could Be Me movement as an ambassador! Making it home safely to her husband and two dogs is always on the forefront of her mind when out training, so she is excited to help spread awareness for cyclists and pedestrians.

When not out training or working, she can be found hiking, reading or binge watching something on Netflix with her family.  She is also passionate about good food and craft beer!

Laura Lavoie
Porstmouth, NH

I am a wife, mother, runner and triathlete who has been racing for a number of years, having completed 5ks to marathons as well as sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. I work a full-time job in corporate America and I am currently training for multiple triathlons this season with an Ironman in September. I’m an advocate for getting new athletes into triathlon as well as promote runner and cyclist safety by being an Ambassador for both ‘Fund Her Tri’ and ‘It Could Be Me’ as well as a mentor in the ‘Rise & Tri’ mentorship program.

Amanda Moorhead
Fort Mill, South Carolina

Amanda Moorhead, busy mom, full time HR professional and ambassador for living your best life. I recently became active with triathlons  – my first sprint triathlon was at the age of 48 and first half marathon at 50. I have found the older I got, the more I realize that I have focused most of my adult life on taking care of others – family, kids, work, friends. I made a conscious decision to start focusing on me. I joined a women’s triathlon group in Charlotte NC and begin my journey of becoming the best version of me. I found that getting active in swimming, biking and running – challenged me, push my physical limits, and made me really happy. As I became more active, I became keenly aware of the safety aspects of biking or running on our streets. There have been too many close calls with cars on highways – and #itcouldbeme is a great awareness campaign, network of advocates and organization to help push safety for all on our highways and streets.  I live in Fort Mill SC, I am a mentor with Tri It for Life, an athlete with Team Latitude 2020 and a proud ambassador for #itcouldbeme.

Kendall Soule
Louisville, KY

My name is Kendall Soule and I’m a student at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. I learned to ride a bike when I was very young, but I didn’t start seriously riding until I joined the triathlon club at the University of Florida while getting my undergraduate degree. I love biking because it makes me feel strong, fast, and free. My favorite places that I’ve biked recently are in San Francisco, CA and Mexico City, MX. But my ultimate favorite place to ride is wherever ever we are safe as cyclists. I’m so excited to be a #itcouldbeme ambassador so I can help promote road safety and take action for policy change! 

Michelle Kennemer
Colony, TX

Hi! I’m Michelle Kennemer and I live in The Colony, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). I have been running 12 years and cycling for 8 years, I discovered triathlon 5 years ago and fell in love. I’ve done 3 Ironman races (Maryland, Chattanooga, and Wisconsin), and 3 half Ironman distance triathlons and I’m looking forward to another one later this year. I just ran my first ultra marathon – Black Canyon 60K – outside of Phoenix, it was a humbling experience, to say the very least. I’ve become more and more interested in cyclist and runner safety as the number of cars on the roads I ride and run have increased tremendously with the population growth in my area. I believe that there is room for all of us and a little education and awareness will go a long way. I am also a musician and when I’m not riding, running, or swimming I work as a music therapist in special education with students who have special needs.

Hannah Brakarsh
Madison, WI

I started running freshman year of high school by joining the cross country team. Had a great four years with them. Around junior year I became interested in longer distances and ran my first half marathon soon after. A combination of things lead me to triathlon. Mainly because I love how it makes me feel extra strong doing three disciplines all together. However, also it forces me to cross train. 🙂 

Those long bike rides can be so nice, just enjoying the outside and appreciating the ability to do so. Every time I go out I remind myself to never take for granted what I can do. There are some distracted and/or careless drivers out there for sure. I know we can all make a difference by being that voice, educating others, making roads more bike friendly, and passing laws to increase bike safety.

Kelsey Ramberg
Everett, WA

My name is Kelsey and I am a wife, new mother, triathlete, and coach. I grew up swimming and found my love for triathlon after college. Since then I have competed in several Olympic triathlons, 70.3 Ironmans, and 3 full Ironmans. 
When I was young my dad got hit by a car on training ride. He was knocked unconscious and considered lucky to be alive. I grew up ALWAYS wearing my helmet when biking and looking both ways twice. I am excited to help advocate for safer roads with the ItCouldBeMe community! 

Tandra Wright
Sacramento, CA

I’m a 37 and I triathlete with the Mermaid Mafia Tri Club, a coach with TBF and part of Coeur’s The Collective Beat. I’ve been cycling since I was a kid, bombing down dirt roads and trails on mtbs. Cycling was also my main form of transportation as a teenager before I could drive. During that time, riding to my summer job in high school I had been struck by a driver leaving a gas station. It was a hit and run, and I’m very lucky to be alive today with just scarring. After the injury I stayed off road, and it took me nearly 15 years to be comfortable again riding on city streets. I signed up for my first organized long distance road ride in 2017 to raise money for Parkinsons. This gave me the courage to fundraise for Leukemia Lymphoma Society with Team in Training and race long distance in Ironman triathlons. Now I help coach new cyclists and triathletes overcome their fears of the road through safe cycling techniques. I’m a member of the Sacramento Bicycle Associates that helps to promote safer streets and cycling routes locally in Sacramento. 

Adriana Martinez
Laredo, TX

Ineke Moyle
Perth, Western Australia

Busy mum of three, Ineke, works for one of Australia’s top goggle brands by day and is an avid triathlete in her spare time. She has completed three half IRONMAN events and two full IRONMANs with a third planned for 2021. 
Having previously worked in triathlon and as part of the IRONMAN Women For Tri ambassador team, Ineke is passionate about encouraging greater female participation in the sport. 
At the same time Ineke is keen to play a role in making that participation a safe and enjoyable experience, particularly on the bike. She is excited to join the It Could Be Me movement. 

Christina Arvidson
Salt Lake City, Utah

In October 2009, I had a Microfracture surgery to repair torn cartilage in my right knee. It sidelined me for a year, which was a huge blow as I had moved to Colorado and was excited for ski season. I focused on being the best rehab patient possible and took any advice my PT was willing to give me. Her top two suggestions were: buy a road bike and get in the pool. The seeds were planted! In May 2011, I completed my first sprint triathlon and came in 2nd AG. A new passion was born.Riding my bike quickly became my favorite activity outside of skiing. I feel so free and I love all of the places that I’ve been able to experience from my saddle. Don’t ask me to drive more than 20 minutes but I’m down for a century ride any day! I’m beyond grateful to share my love for triathlon and cycling in this capacity. I am humbled to help raise awareness and forge a better relationship between motorists and cyclists in my community. And remember, #itcouldbeme so please be careful out there!

Zo Mendoza
Houston, TX

Zo is a professional sports photographer who shoots Ironman races often from the back of a motorcycle.

Zo is a professional sports photographer who shoots Ironman races often from the back of a motorcycle.

Competed in over 150 triathlons from sprints to half Ironmans, 2 marathons Honolulu/Houston and tons of bike rides for charity. Also is an orthopedic physical therapist p. Zo was a competitive gymnast from age 4 to14. Love for the ocean while growing up in Florida led to start surfing in High school. In 2019, at Ironman Hawaii realized how @itcouldbeme was about to impact cyclists and triathletes globally. So happy to be part of sharing the global vision to keep our roads safe now and for future riders.

Victor Garcia
Philadelphia, PA

Hugh Ferry
Rome, GA

My name is Hugh Ferry and I live in Rome, Georgia with my family along with our menagerie of horses, chickens, goats, cats, and dogs. 

Back in college, I became interested in triathlon when watching Kona on TV one weekend and saw a girl up front and recognized her from her training around the Auburn campus (which was too cool) – her name is Colleen Cannon. I always thought … one day…. 

In 2008, many years later – living in Houston – I made friends who were into triathlon and decided I would buy myself my first bike.  With a bit of peer pressure – before I knew it – I signed up for IM Coeur d’Alene. It was a wonderful experience – we had over 30 athletes from Houston at IMCDA. I was also fortunate to have met Triny and Nigel as part of the Houston triathlon community. 

Since then I’ve completed three IM and ran numerous ultras including the Chattanooga Lookout 50m run. So – triathlon was the catalyst for cycling and I still ride three or so times a week. Rome and all of northern Georgia is an amazing place to ride on and off-road. 

Having my cycling foundation formed in the Houston area – I learned quickly to be aware of my surroundings knowing most people in vehicles “don’t see me.” Unfortunately – I have now known four people whose lives were impacted by being the victim of a vehicle/cycling accident. Two lost their lives, one has recovered and still tentative on cycling, and one has recovered and has launched this powerful initiative – to educate, and change behavior, culture, and where necessary legislation  #itcouldbeme.

Through ‘It Could Be Me’, I am looking forward to helping change relationships between drivers and cyclists and bring cycling safety, awareness, and appreciation to my local community.

Cindy Allen Perry
Sierra Vista, AZ

The #itcouldbeme initiative really hits home for me, as I was hit by a car while running.  I want to do all that I can in my community to make the roads safer for everyone.  I am a mom, wife, nurse, and triathlete. There is no better place to be than outside and I want to help take away or minimize that fear when we are out there for that run or ride.

Lee Ann Knight
New Castle, OK

I am Lea Ann Knight, a Texas girl, transplanted to Oklahoma City (OKC). I am a Christian warrior, a pediatric LPN, an avid cyclist, and a runner. I started cycling in 2015 with Tyler Bicycle Club and Fresh Racing, of Tyler, Texas. I was encircled and encouraged to step out of my comfort zones by my first and favorite Coach Cori Moore of iTri365. She saw my heart, inner strength, and determination to finish. She encouraged me to step away from my comfort zones and to run and not be afraid of the unknown. This community has given me a sense of belonging, family, and pride. I believe God has used cycling to bring me out of my shell and to be an encourager and an inspiration to others. I am invigorated by the friendships and the sisterhood that I have found in the multi-sport community. You never meet a stranger, and there are enriching voices everywhere. It is, to say the least inspiring. I love my time on the bike, and when you see me, I’m the girl with a big smile and singing, as the miles pass. I have competed in a multitude of runs, duathlons, and a few tris. I have been a member of The Collective Beat-Coeur Sports and The Tri Club of OKC for the ;ast twoyears.

In 2016, while out riding solo, I was nipped by a truck. The person caught my left arm with their side-view mirror. I was blessed to have only had a faint bruise and scratches. It made me more aware of my surroundings and more alert on the bike.

My favorite race was in 2018, “Race the Rail” in Watonga, OK. I was training for my first official half marathon and honestly forgot about this ride. The goal was to go out 16 miles, turn around and beat the train back to the start. It was cold and raining we were riding into the rain, and I found myself alone, I could not catch anyone nor keep up. I honestly cried, telling myself repeatedly to give up. At the turnaround, I was done. Then I noticed a lot of cyclists behind me. I was not last! I picked up my pace, crossing the finish line in the teeth-chattering cold. The announcer came over to me, calling me by name, I turned around to see him holding my trophy. I won! I did not beat the train, but I was the first woman to cross the finish line.

In 2018, I started taking notice of the injuries and deaths of my teammates and colleagues, which encouraged me to want to become a voice for our community, for It Could Be Me. One is too many; one day, it will stop.

I attend Rose State College in OKC, seeking my BSN. My hobbies include training and studying and encouraging others to reach their goals. #GODFIRST Psalms 27:4 @du_inspire

Kylie Malanka
Prescott, Ontario

My love for the outdoors started pretty much the day I was born. My mom tells stores of me spending hours upon hours playing outside making mud pies in the summer and having the worlds longest scarf to keep me warm in the winter.  I was always on the move. Running, swimming, riding my bike, you name it. I was doing it. Our quiet county living in Canada allowed me to ski and play safety. I spent so much time running back and forth to the Neighbours house that my dad mowed a path in the hay field so we didn’t have to be on the road. I guess that is when it started. 

Fast forward what seems like a blink of an eye to a time where I am still living that exact same active life but now sharing it with my husband and 2 children. I now know why my dad made that path. 

Becoming one of the #itcouldbeme2020 ambassadors now gives me a bigger voice. I can now continue to raise awareness for safe roads while sharing them with our community and visitors. 

Our love of MTB, roadies, horse back riding, running and walking never starts without a silent “please let us be safe”. I have never looked at myself as an athlete, even though I have taken part in may long distance road ride, XC racing, and many 5km runs. I just like to encourage everyone around me to do there best, it’s your own race, and smile while meeting your goal and enjoying doing something you never believed you could do. 

Following me in my 2020 year as a #itcouldbeme2020 ambassador I hope I give you inspiration to set a new goal, try something new, and help spread awareness. Let’s strive to keep our roads safe for everyone, let’s get out and try something new, let’s enjoy being active. 

Bert Gallmon
Rochester, NY

I have been an athlete since 2005 when I started with 5K’s and my first marathon.  For the next couple of years I focused on just running and have done multiple marathons and half marathons throughout the North East.  After sometime, a friend introduced me to triathlon, and that is where I have been for the past 5 years.  Not only do I love being a triathlete, but I now am also a race director and loving this side as well.  The reason I wanted to join It Could Be Me is a simple one, every time I go for a run or bike ride outside there is at least one time that I come close to getting hit by a passing car.  I obey the rules, run on sidewalks and wear bright colored clothes, yet that doesn’t seem to help.  As a race director and athlete I want to make meaningful changes for my fellow athletes and this seemed to be one of the best ways to affect the change I want to see.  

Erica Jansons
Hampden, MA

Erica Jansons is a 55 year old New Englander.  Running track in High School she was always an active person, but the knees would no longer support running.  Being that her husband & oldest son were avid cyclists, she decided to give road biking a try.  Starting in July of 2019 she fell in love with the activity.  She would ride around her VERY hilly terrain on her Cannondale hybrid but still could not keep up with her husband or son, she got a Specilized 4.0 Vado Ebike.  Cycling was now fun & still a workout.  This winter she got a Peloton bike for the off season to hopefully up her road biking game this summer.  She has had a few cars whiz by her on the road making her very aware of her vulnerability on the road, and since found Triny & “It Could Be Me” on Facebook.  She has now decided to help the cause in her New England town and hopes to make motorists aware of this vulnerability with cyclists & runners and as well as teaching cyclists the proper road manners to help keep motorists frustrations at a minimum.  She’s just waiting for the warm weather to hit the roads once again. 

Kim Schneider
Westlake Village, CA

Carly Domingues
Ontario, Canada

I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with my husband, cats, dogs and fish.

I am a runner and triathlete, so much of my training time is spent on the rural roads around my town. Worrying about my own safety while running or biking shouldn’t be an issue, so helping to support the great message of It Could Be Me just makes sense.

Mechelle Lara
San Antonio, TX

Ultrarunner, cyclist, triathlete, business owner and licensed massage therapist. 

Yugoslav Muljevski
Nis, Serbia

Hi! My name is Yuga and I’m a passionate cyclist and safety promoter. 

In my digital life I make websites rank better and my analogue life is all about me on two wheels and the road ahead of me.

Tanya Kilpatrick
Citrus Heights, CA

Hi! My name is Tanya. I am a huge advocate for bike safety. I lost my stepson three years ago to a hit and run in the area while he was riding his bike home from work. Since then, I have been involved in hit and run parents/survivor bike rides to honor those who have passed due to bicycle incidents. I have three children and work in social services.

Shari Summers
Hubbard, OH

I am 39 years old, and only started running about 5 years ago after fighting an illness for over a year, that turned out to be undiagnosed hypothyroidism, that almost killed me. 

I have a teenager daughter, and her swim team decided to train for a 5k during their down time in the spring. I’d go to the track for their practices, and after getting my health under control, decided I wanted to give it a try.

I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve run 3 marathons, and am training for 2 50 mile ultra marathons next year. I also started a run streak on January 1st and I’m hoping to keep it going as long as possible.

I’m also happily engaged, and have my fur baby Thresh who is my early morning walking buddy.

I’ve had a few close calls while walking and running, so I’m excited to help raise awareness for such an amazing cause and help make the roads a little safer for everyone!

Megan Newton
Mesa, AZ

My name is Megan Newton, I am a triathlete living in Mesa Arizona. I transitioned to triathlon four years ago after needing a change from competitive running. Over the last few years I have gained confidence on the bike and learned to love life on two wheels just as much as two feet. Living in Arizona has allowed year round training and more rides outdoors which I love. I buy all the brightest gear and cycling kits in an attempt to make myself as visible as possible out in the rode. I’m training hard for triathlon but have also recently become interested in mountain biking where I can be out without worrying about cars and traffic. My goal in sport is not only to reach my own personal potential but inspire others to try new things and get more women on bikes!

Jennifer Byle Grand Rapids, Mi

Hi I’m Jen! I am a triathlete-turned-cyclist from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mountain, gravel and cyclocross are my main loves, but I enjoy any time on the bike – especially if it involves friends, coffee, ice cream, or bakery stops. ⁠

For my day job, I am a civil engineer whose specialty is transportation.

Throughout my career I have worked on the design for numerous non-motorized facilities, pedestrian safety improvements, ADA sidewalk ramp upgrades, and planning studies to bring sidewalks, bike lanes and safer non-motorized options to communities.

Transportation is truly one of my passions – especially for providing safer options for ALL users, not just those who drive motor vehicles. ⁠

Meg Henderson
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Jennifer Giesber
Tucson, AZ

Rebecca Dobiesz

Weibke Hannigan
Sykesville, Maryland

I’m Wiebke Hannigan, originally from Marion, Massachusetts. Currently reside in Sykesville, Maryland with my teenage 2 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a horse. First and foremost I am a mom, but I am also a daughter, a half-sister, a significant other, a best friend,  a runner, an Ironman and a cyclist. I spent much of my childhood on 2 wheels, like most kids, as that is how we got from A to B when I was young. I first started cycling seriously about 10 years ago when one of my running buddies suggested I try a sprint triathlon with them. Like many, I fell in love with riding and triathlon. There is no better feeling than the open road with the sun in your face and the wind at your back. I can remember my first 50-miler then my first 100-miler and the feeling of accomplishment behind those rides. Sadly, cycling as well as running have become increasingly dangerous and we now hear more horror stories than victories. As part of the #ITCOULDBEME movement, my hope is to bring increased awareness to everyone – not just cyclists, but motorists alike. There is no reason we can’t respect one another and share the road safely together! 

Alyson Frederick
Newark, DE

My name is Alyson Frederick – I am 31 and from Newark, DE.  I am an exercise junkie! Growing up, I cycled frequently with my parents, mainly on rail trails during vacations we took together.  Truthfully though, my greater passion is running which started with high school track and cross country.  I continued running in college with the Penn State Club Cross Country team where I met my now husband.  I started running longer distances including my favorite race: the marathon.  During this time, my father convinced me to start cycling again as an alternative to running which “is really hard on your knees”.  I bought a road bike and started cycling with him, mainly on roads near my parents’ house in Newark.  Turns out, he was right.  In 2016, I was diagnosed with a knee cartilage injury and had to really dial back on running.  In need of other intense exercise to relieve stress, I started dabbling in triathlon training and really increased my frequency of cycling.  I have only competed in two sprint triathlons thus far, but I hope to do more once these events are feasible. 

Kevin Drury
Weeki Wachee, FL 

I’m a 63 y/o Physical Therapist, with many Ironmans under my belt.
I’m married and have 2 daughters, and 2 sons who died together in a car crash in 1999. I’m blessed with 7 grandchildren, the oldest is a junior in college the youngest is 3.
I compete in the Ironman competition for the love of the sport, the fellowship, and to honor my boys.

Danica Metcalfe
Ontario, CA

Danica Metcalfe is a spouse, daughter, aunt, sister, nuclear professional, avid cyclist, runner, and triathlete. Even though Danica hasn’t ridden a bike in over 15 years, a friend convinced her to join a local triathlon club. Through the triathlon club, she met some fantastic selfless athletes who took the time to teach her road cycling. A 25km ride on a hybrid bike was quite a feat for a Sunday morning long ride. Coaches are tossing out tips and words of encouragement, never making her feel like she was holding them back. After finishing the 25km loop, the coaches would proceed for another 75km. At this time, she couldn’t comprehend how someone could ride that long. Fast forward ten years, and now Danica has become that person. Danica finds peace by being outdoors in this fast-paced world and busy life.

Riding and running through local small towns and on rural country roads, she’s witnessed way too many close calls between athletes and motorists. Having the privilege of riding in countries with a strong cycling culture, Danica has become passionate and invested in looking for ways to raise safe cycling awareness for motorists and cyclists in her local community.

When Danica isn’t working, you will find her outdoors (even in the Ontario winter) on a road bike, tri bike, gravel bike, running, walking, or hiking.

Tracy Shirley
Louisville, KY

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