My name is Anna, and my passion for sports and the outdoors has molded me into a triathlete. I started in triathlons with the Boston U Triathlon Team and trained with the CSU team during my master’s program before COVID-19. Since graduating from my graduate program, I’ve transitioned my way into 70.3 racing and balance my training with my career in project management.
Because of the amount of time I spend on the roads, I’ve lost count of the close encounters, and like many other cyclists and runners, I’ve been on the receiving end of anger and aggression from drivers. I am very passionate about road user safety: I try to encourage discussion with my peers about how their habits impact other road users, and how it’s not just one user or one accident, or cyclists vs drivers, but a systemic issue impacting all road users. By joining and representing the It Could Be Me movement, I hope others not only become more aware of the issues we are facing, but also we can work together to solve the issues and make our roads safer for all.