I am an avid cyclist: MTB’er, roadie and gravel worshipper, dreamer, adventurer, wife, mom to 2 awesome kids, lover of all things two-wheeled, and I always greetlife with a smile. Never known to stay still for long, there are always lofty goals on my “to-do” list, and more in the waiting once those have been tackled. In July 2006, just shy of my October wedding, I was struck by an inattentive driver whom didn’t yield to my right of way in an intersection. The head-on collision left my bike in pieces, helmet cracked in two, and my body thrown almost 30’ from the windshield of the oncoming vehicle. Bruised and broken, I spent the next number of months healing and rehabilitating, and almost a year passed before climbing back into the saddle. I have participated as a Board Director to advocate for more participation and enhancement of trails for cyclists, was a pro athlete on an all-women’s cycling team that mentored and coached other women into the sport, as well as started a youth cycling group that meets weekly to get more kids on bikes. I’m as passionate about riding the trails as I am about hammering it out on the roads. I’m excited to now be part of #itcouldbeme to work toward building better relationships, recognition and respect between cyclists and drivers to ensure everyone makes it home safely.