Danica Metcalfe is a spouse, daughter, aunt, sister, nuclear professional, avid cyclist, runner, and triathlete. Even though Danica hasn’t ridden a bike in over 15 years, a friend convinced her to join a local triathlon club. Through the triathlon club, she met some fantastic selfless athletes who took the time to teach her road cycling. A 25km ride on a hybrid bike was quite a feat for a Sunday morning long ride. Coaches are tossing out tips and words of encouragement, never making her feel like she was holding them back. After finishing the 25km loop, the coaches would proceed for another 75km. At this time, she couldn’t comprehend how someone could ride that long. Fast forward ten years, and now Danica has become that person. Danica finds peace by being outdoors in this fast-paced world and busy life. Riding and running through local small towns and on rural country roads, she’s witnessed way too many close calls between athletes and motorists. Having the privilege of riding in countries with a strong cycling culture, Danica has become passionate and invested in looking for ways to raise safe cycling awareness for motorists and cyclists in her local community. When Danica isn’t working, you will find her outdoors (even in the Ontario winter) on a road bike, tri bike, gravel bike, running, walking, or hiking.