Educator. Triathlete. Health & Fitness Coach.

In 2013 I was hit by a driver with an SUV while on a training ride for Ironman lake placid. It took years to health both physically and psychologically from the injuries. I have been able to return to sport and race competitively in both long course and olympic distance triathlon. Racing in the 2022 World 70.3 in Utah was a celebration of the seeming endless work to get back to the sport I love. This year I will be representing Team USA at the 2023 World Triathlon olympic finals in Pontevedra, Spain.

The crash realigned my compass both professionally and personally. I focus on what my mind-body need to thrive. I use science, spirituality and nature as a roadmap for navigating life – I allow what feels good to align my compass. This clarity enables me to live in alignment with what is best for me and to live my values.

I hope to inspire others to align their own compass, create a roadmap, and to define what thriving looks like for them.

I hope to amplify awareness of the need for complete roads and collaboration with cyclist and motorists in defining the future of “safer roads”.