I’m Eric from Atlanta! After 3 years of being egged on by members of the USMS team I coached to try a triathlon I finally did one in October 2014 and was hooked. The journey has taken me all over the US to race, however I didn’t expect to be hit by an SUV to be part of that journey. I was left with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and have spent the past four years figuring out how to adapt to and live in a world that isn’t made for people like me. During the pandemic I needed to find a new purpose for my life as I had to give up my career so I started a YouTube Channel. I made over 60 video logs and did several interviews with special people to help raise awareness for TBIs and to help other survivors know that they’re not alone out there–that someone has walked a mile in their shoes and can empathize with their struggles. In the end I find myself somewhere I never expected to be, but ultimately I now understand this was where I am supposed to be. For me being a part of It Could Be Me is something I feel is important to define who this new person is when I look at myself in the mirror…I gotta tell you I like that guy, he’s pretty funny and doesn’t take much seriously, he takes his difficult moments in stride and is finally comfortable in his own skin with some great thick salt & pepper hair too–what more could I ask for?