Cycling has checked many boxes in my life at different times. From transportation when living in the city, mypreferred leisureactivity and now part of my ambitious athletic pursuitsas a triathlete. The purpose, bikes and attire have evolved but the few things that have generally been the same: motorists want me off the road, pedestrians want me off the paths and littlesupport if my bike is vandalized or stolen. In November I was hit by a car who then fled the scene. Once recovered from my injuries, I was shocked to discover that no efforts were made to apprehend the suspect, there was no police report therefore insurance would provide no assistance with the damages to the bike AND I was responsible for all the medical bills. There has to be a better way and it starts with awareness. At the end of the day all want the same thing: safe places to walk, run, ride, drive and to make it back home every time.