Rebecca Dobbins is from central Indiana and is a mother of two, wife, nurse, and avid cyclist. She started her journey into the love of cycling back in 2014 when she found herself wanting to lose weight. She started by running and quickly progressed into triathlon. She is now a 3x IRONMAN and has done several 70.3 distance races as well as an array of smaller and speciality distance races, including Escape from Alcatraz. Rebecca is highly involved in her local cycling community, working with local leaders and advocating for safety. She spent time on the Board of Directors for her local advocacy organization, who worked to successfully push a safe-passing law through legislation in 2019. Rebecca also works closely with her local bike shop, Gray Goat Bicycle Company, whose owner is a strong local partner for advocacy, group rides, and cycling safety events. For 2020, Rebecca plans to coordinate educational events, group rides, and continue her advocacy for cyclist safety through It Could Be Me as a Cross Country Local Leader