Hi, my name is Tina. I am a dog mom. I am a sister; I am a daughter. I am a friend. I am your supporter of keeping you moving. My goal in life is to motivate people to stay active and keep moving. It only takes two weeks to get into a routine. Just don’t give up. I was in a motorcycle accident on Jan. 2011. A driver put on his right turn signal and then decided to pull a U-turn right in front of the motorcycles group. I was the second motorcycle in the group. I fractured my pelvis and was in a wheelchair for two months. After months of physical therapy, I decided to get in shape and start running in 2012. I ran my first half marathon in March of 2014 and was addicted. I became addicted to staying in shape and got the bug to run a marathon. In March of 2017, I joined Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as I lost my mom to the fight against Leukemia in 2004. In October 2017, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ve continued to run for those who can’t or wish they could. I continued my journey to help find a cure for Leukemia and ran the New York City Marathon in 2018. I knew I needed new challenges, and I always admired Triathletes. So in April 2018, I did my first Sprint Triathlon. My goal is one day to do an Ironman 70.3. My motto is the Challenges of today make you stronger for tomorrow. Never give up or give in. Keep moving because we can. I am grateful for all the support from my better half Mark.