In February, we had our first big fundraising giveaway: a set of beautiful custom HED Jet 6 plus wheels.
We fundraised over $1000 in a little over a week and announced the winner on Valentine’s Day.
The winner was Krysta Figueroa. She entered because she wanted to gift the wheels to her husband, Chris, for Valentine’s Day. They are the sweetest family, and we are so happy to share these pictures and what Chris wrote to us yesterday.
We all need to read and know that good things are happening in these crazy moments. We hope this brings a huge smile to you just like it did to us. Thank you Chris for being so sweet and your kind words!

“I’ve started 30 letters to you, and I always can’t quite find the words to say thank you, or quite how much these wheels mean to me. I would literally dream of the day I could even have a used set of wheels. I almost wanted to cry when I finally got these on, and got to take them out for a ride. As a police officer for a school district, my favorite thing I get to do every year is I head up our department adopting a family and buying them gifts for Christmas every year. I always wonder, “Is this a family that needs it or is just trying to get some free stuff). Last year the mother wrote me a letter and told me that if we wouldn’t have bought them gifts, they wouldn’t have had Christmas, and that letter hit me to my core. I know this is kind of comparing apples to oranges, and I know whoever had won the wheels would have been thankful for them. But it’s nice knowing that who got them really appreciates them. This for me was getting the opportunity to get something I had always wanted. And there was no way I would have been able to afford these without you. I just hope you know how much I love these wheels and how excited I am every-time I get to go take them out. I promise you, there is nobody that entered that contest that will love and cherish these like I will! Thank you again!” Chris Figueroa