Join our #Itcouldbeme Ambassador Program

Goal: Empower local bike, run enthusiasts and athletes to take action in their hometowns for the education of drivers, cyclists, and runners. We envision the ambassador program to be threefold:

1. Social Media Representative

2. Policy Change Leadership & Advocacy

3. Community Events (virtual or in-person)
i.e. hosting virtual workshops on road safety, joining our #itcouldbeme virtual community, tabling at local races, hosting rides/runs in the community, representing ICBM during training days

(We understand that life has changed for all of us, and at the moment, we are happy to welcome everyone that wants to be a part of our community. We know you will do all you can to make roads safer!)

What’s in it for you?

In addition to the immense feel good of making a difference by spreading word and creating awareness around safe roads for all vulnerable users of the road, the following may also be available depending on resources and partnerships.

It Could Be Me swag


Access to promotional It Could Be Me decals and bracelets 

Extra swag when possible 

Discount code for It Could Be Me products.

Ambassador discount codes with our Sponsors

Meet and greet with professional cyclist, triathlete, runner (TBD)


Yes, I’d like to be an Ambassador!