Please meet our first sponsored athlete: Andrew Lydic.

Andy currently lives in Girona, Spain. He is training and racing there and will return to the US to compete in the 2023 Gravel Circuit. We are so excited to have Andy help us raise awareness and help with education efforts for first-time and young drivers.

Here is a little bit about him:

I am a 21 Year old aspiring professional cyclist from the United States. After some success in the US in the domestic elite scene in 2021, I left my honors program in one of the most prestigious business schools and moved to Spain to chase my professional cycling dreams. Since that day, I have raced all over Europe and the US in UCI road and gravel races, culminating in my selection to the first ever UCI Gravel World Championships in Italy. It was at that event that I fully believed that that I could achieve all of my cycling goals through this amazing discipline of gravel. In 2023, I am going to take full advantage of the growing visibility, the influx of UCI World Tour and Pro riders, and the increased number of UCI and other amazing events to advance my career as a gravel cyclist and aspiring World Tour cyclist.

Look out for Andy at the following events this year:

UCI Gravel in Europe and US

UCI Gravel World Championships

Gravel Earth Series

BWR Gravel Races

Lifetime Gravel Races

Steamboat Gravel

Outside Gravel Events

Others as designated by sponsors

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