We will be hosting monthly group counseling  sessions with our friend Dr. Bette Sheldon Long. Dr. Long will be hosting her inaugural session today, Monday, July 10th, at 5 pm MTN. 

We will be recording these sessions and will be sharing them on our website so everyone can have access to them at a later time. 

Bette Sheldon Long, Ph.D. Is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing in Boulder, CO since 1990. She specializes in treating trauma in individuals and their families. Dr. Long trained in trauma release therapies EMDR in 1998 and Brainspotting starting in 2007.  She has worked with countless survivors of crimes, helping them recover from PTSD and supporting them through legal proceedings. Bette is an avid cyclist as is her husband and son (who is a pro Ironman athlete so he’s on the road at least 15 hours a week)