I started cycling about 14 years ago and began triathlon about 11 years ago. I am a father of two teenagers, one 14 and one 19. I have competed 15 Ironman races but in training for my first full course triathlon i was hit by an F150 pulling a toy-hauler. I had just gotten my first TT bike and was out riding with friends in Julian, CA. I have no recollection of what happened and my friends did not see the crash. I awoke in a hospital bed with a concussion, two fractured lowered vertebrae, and bloody face…. i was lucky. My wife came to the hospital after the crash with my two kids (4 and 9 at the time) and she described me as 60 second Bruce as I would go through a series of questions, pause, and start all over. She was freaked, quickly to the kids to a neighbor, and came back. As she said, “I was completely functional but completely non-functional” I have completely recovered but my family says my personality has changed in that I am quick to anger. I am very cautious about riding outdoors and will scout any route by car before riding it on bike. I have also taught my daughter to ride and made sure she is aware and respectful of the rules of the road.