Hi! I’m Carly, a 23-year-old cyclist and rate cancer survivor who loves to just get the heck outside (and occasionally ride my road bike where I should probably have a mountain bike). The outdoors are where I feel safe and can relieve my depression and anxiety. When life throws me a curve ball, I take myself outside. I started riding when I was a little girl and used my bike rides along the Des Plaines River Trail in northern Illinois to fill my time when I felt lonely. In college at CU Boulder, I started riding and racing competitively. This change of pace motivated me to go out and party less, in turn riding my bike a lot more. Today, I live and work in Sonoma County, CA! Sometimes this love for being outside puts me on the shoulder or even in the full lane of a back road, though. Without bike lanes, some of my routes can be dangerous. When you pass someone like me, please do it with space and care. I have a family that loves and cares about me, and just went through two abdominal surgeries to get rid of a rare cancer. I don’t need another reason to go to the hospital! I am a friend, a daughter, a co-worker, and most importantly a lover. It could be me! ❤️