In October 2009, I had a Microfracture surgery to repair torn cartilage in my right knee. It sidelined me for a year, which was a huge blow as I had moved to Colorado and was excited for ski season.I focused on being the best rehab patient possible and took any advice my PT was willing to give me. Her top two suggestions were: buy a road bike and get in the pool. The seeds were planted!In May 2011, I completed my first sprint triathlon and came in 2nd AG. A new passion was born.Riding my bike quickly became my favorite activity outside of skiing. I feel so free and I love all of the places that I’ve been able to experience from my saddle. Don’task me to drive more than 20 minutes but I’m down for a century ride any day!I’m beyond grateful to share my love for triathlon and cycling in this capacity. I am humbled to help raise awareness and forge a better relationship between motorists and cyclists in my community. And remember, #itcouldbeme so please be careful out there!