I am a husband, father of 4 and grandparent. Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. I have always been active in sports (fastball, hockey), running, biking and swimming certainly wasn’t part of them. My journey started in Sept. 2011 with the words to my sister in law If you can’t find anyone to do the Spartan race, I will do it with you Fortunately (Although at the time I figured unfortunately) this changed my life, thanks Vicki!! Gave myself a goal, start training Jan 1st, yes, one of those New Years Eve deadline things. I will say I have never looked back, started with 5K races, now do half marathons and triathlons, sprint, Olympics and 70.3 half Ironman. I have been a huge advocate of equality in triathlon, supporting 5Q (Fifty Women to Kona), Tri-Equal. We are in a wonderful city with many cyclists, routes and lanes!! I look forward in supporting “It Could Be Me” anyway I can. Yes, I am one of those people when I go out riding, I am always concerned with drivers and other cyclists. Education is important.