I’ve been riding bicycles most of my life. The love affair started at 12 years old when my parents granted permission for us to leave the small cul-de-sac and explore our town beyond earshot. We travelled all over, often covering 20-30 miles in a day on our little “kids'” bikes.

I was the youngest of 3 and when I was driving age I was always last on the list be able to use the one car my 2 siblings and I shared. So I travelled by bicycle, commuting to school and work often. I continued that hobby in college where I discovered competitive cycling and began racing road and MTB.

I began a career in cycling opening a bicycle shop with a few others including notable technical editor James Huang who remains a great friend to this day.

I went on to lead the development of Felt Bicycles, created 3T America and introduced the world to their first bicycles developing those with Gerard Vroomen. I’ve work for huge brands like Specialized and upstart new brands like Stromm. I’ve been fortunate to create bicycles used by Tour de France riders, World Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists but just as proud as the bicycles I’ve made that introduce cycling to those same young 12 year old kits begining the journey I started a lifetime ago.