Erica Jansons is a 55 year old New Englander. Running track in High School she was always an active person, but the knees would no longer support running. Being that her husband oldest son were avid cyclists, she decided to give road biking a try. Starting in July of 2019 she fell in love with the activity. She would ride around her VERY hilly terrain on her Cannondale hybrid but still could not keep up with her husband or son, she got a Specilized 4.0 Vado Ebike. Cycling was now fun still a workout. This winter she got a Peloton bike for the off season to hopefully up her road biking game this summer. She has had a few cars whiz by her on the road making her very aware of her vulnerability on the road, and since found Triny “It Could Be Me” on Facebook. She has now decided to help the cause in her New England town and hopes to make motorists aware of this vulnerability with cyclists runners and as well as teaching cyclists the proper road manners to help keep motorists frustrations at a minimum. She’s just waiting for the warm weather to hit the roads once again.