My name is Hugh Ferry and I live in Rome, Georgia with my family along with our menagerie of horses, chickens, goats, cats, and dogs. Back in college, I became interested in triathlon when watching Kona on TV one weekend and saw a girl up front and recognized her from her training around the Auburn campus (which was too cool) – her name is Colleen Cannon. I always thought … one day…. In 2008, many years later – living in Houston – I made friends who were into triathlon and decided I would buy myself my first bike. With a bit of peer pressure before I knew it I signed up for IM Coeur d’Alene. It was a wonderful experience – we had over 30 athletes from Houston at IMCDA. I was also fortunate to have met Triny and Nigel as part of the Houston triathlon community. Since then I’ve completed three IM and ran numerous ultras including the Chattanooga Lookout 50m run. So – triathlon was the catalyst for cycling and I still ride three or so times a week. Rome and all of northern Georgia is an amazing place to ride on and off-road. Having my cycling foundation formed in the Houston area – I learned quickly to be aware of my surroundings knowing most people in vehicles “don’t see me.” Unfortunately – I have now known four people whose lives were impacted by being the victim of a vehicle/cycling accident. Two lost their lives, one has recovered and still tentative on cycling, and one has recovered and has launched this powerful initiative – to educate, and change behavior, culture, and where necessary legislation #itcouldbeme. Through ‘It Could Be Me’, I am looking forward to helping change relationships between drivers and cyclists and bring cycling safety, awareness, and appreciation to my local community.