Jen is a Triathlon USAT Certified Coach, Personal Trainer, Competitive Triathlete, and member of Team Betty. A division 1 collegiate swimmer and a USAT top-ranked Triathlete, Jen has a passion for being outside & enjoying new adventures. She has been a 6×70.3 World Championship competitor, and a Kona IM finisher – but beyond that, she just loves the connections met during training & travel. As a married mother of two busy children, she understands that there are many facets to training, not the least of which is life balance. She believes time spent exercising will be multiplied back in terms of extra energy and a better ability to handle life’s ups and downs. Being a cyclist for over 20 years, the nerves build-up for getting out on the road amongst distracted drivers. Slow down, breathe, and unplug!!!