I am Lea Ann Knight, a Texas girl, transplanted to Oklahoma City (OKC). I am a Christian warrior, a pediatric LPN, an avid cyclist, and a runner. I started cycling in 2015 with Tyler Bicycle Club and Fresh Racing, of Tyler, Texas. I was encircled and encouraged to step out of my comfort zones by my first and favorite Coach Cori Moore of iTri365. She saw my heart, inner strength, and determination to finish. She encouraged me to step away from my comfort zones and to run and not be afraid of the unknown. This community has given me a sense of belonging, family, and pride. I believe God has used cycling to bring me out of my shell and to be an encourager and an inspiration to others. I am invigorated by the friendships and the sisterhood that I have found in the multi-sport community. You never meet a stranger, and there are enriching voices everywhere. It is, to say the least inspiring. I love my time on the bike, and when you see me, I’m the girl with a big smile and singing, as the miles pass. I have competed in a multitude of runs, duathlons, and a few tris. I have been a member of The Collective Beat-Coeur Sports and The Tri Club of OKC for the last twoyears. In 2016, while out riding solo, I was nipped by a truck. The person caught my left arm with their side-view mirror. I was blessed to have only had a faint bruise and scratches. It made me more aware of my surroundings and more alert on the bike. My favorite race was in 2018, “Race the Rail” in Watonga, OK. I was training for my first official half marathon and honestly forgot about this ride. The goal was to go out 16 miles, turn around and beat the train back to the start. It was cold and raining we were riding into the rain, and I found myself alone, I could not catch anyone nor keep up. I honestly cried, telling myself repeatedly to give up. At the turnaround, I was done. Then I noticed a lot of cyclists behind me. I was not last! I picked up my pace, crossing the finish line in the teeth-chattering cold. The announcer came over to me, calling me by name, I turned around to see him holding my trophy. I won! I did not beat the train, but I was the first woman to cross the finish line. In 2018, I started taking notice of the injuries and deaths of my teammates and colleagues, which encouraged me to want to become a voice for our community, for It Could Be Me. One is too many; one day, it will stop. I attend Rose State College in OKC, seeking my BSN. My hobbies include training and studying and encouraging others to reach their goals. #GODFIRST Psalms 27:4 @du_inspire