Michelle Bandur grew up riding her bike all around her neighborhood and while she delivered the local newspaper in Omaha, NE. “Biking is my first love,” said Michelle. Michelle works as a television journalist at KETV in Omaha. She has worked at 13 television stations across the country and always packed her bike with her. She has completed six Ironmans, more than a dozen 70.3’s, and dozens of Olympics and Sprint races. Michelle believes cyclists and triathletes shouldn’t be forced to ride on their trainers indoors. “The view of the country from your bicycle seat is like none other,” she said. Michelle has worked on the Omaha Mayor’s Active Living Advisory committee. Michelle is a co-founder pf a non-profit for young girls, Ironhawk Juniors Tri Club. The program teaches girls self-confidence while empowering therm through the sport of triathlon. https://www.triathlete.com/culture/people/michelle-bandurs-mission-to-banish-bullying-through-triathlon/ Read more about the program in Triathlete magazine! Michelle was featured on its cover and shares her story of how she helps empower girls through triathlon.The program and equipment are free to participants. ironhawkjuniors.org Learn more here. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJgGPQCwcZM Michelle’s TEDX on how and why she helped start the tri club.