Hi! I’m Michelle Kennemer and I live in The Colony, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). I have been running 12 years and cycling for 8 years, I discovered triathlon 5 years ago and fell in love. I’ve done 3 Ironman races (Maryland, Chattanooga, and Wisconsin), and 3 half Ironman distance triathlons and I’m looking forward to another one later this year. Ijust ran my first ultra marathon Black Canyon 60K outside of Phoenix, it was a humbling experience, to say the very least. I’ve become more and more interested in cyclist and runner safety as the number of cars on the roads I ride and run have increased tremendously with the population growth in my area. I believe that there is room for all of us and a little education and awareness will go a long way. I am also a musician and when I’m not riding, running, or swimmingI work as a music therapist in special education with students who have special needs.