I am a single mother of three, a triathlete and Ironman and lead a consulting group helping corporations mitigate climate change. A love of the geography of the West and the grit of taking on endurance sporting challenges led me to trail running and triathlon. In riding on the road, despite following all traffic rules and safety precautions; I’ve been consistently yelled at by drivers, targeted, even hit by an Uber while bike commuting to work in the bike lane. Uber and the driver took no accountability. It is frightening every time I ride; but I do it because training is my stress relief and a way of life for me. I am riding safely and following the law. We should have the freedom to bike, run and pursue our passions without fear. My three children rely on me and need their mom. I recently asked an ER doc friend if I was more likely to die from COVID or riding my bike on the roads. He said “riding your bike on the road”.