Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia!!!!! My name is Stephanie and if you ever find yourself at the Georgia Aquarium, make sure you stop by and say hi! I work with the dolphins! My journey into the triathlon world has definitely been a fun one! A passion to running and weight lifting turned into spontaneously doing a half marathon without really training for it. And what a rush! Finished the race with the thought of, the marathon is next! During my course of now completing 3 marathons, I began noticing people training for Ironmans, all of which were people much older than me (turning the big 25 this year). Which then got me thinking, if all of these people are training and then competing, surely a young person like myself can do one……..I have so far completed an Olympic distance and half Ironman distance, placing 1st in my AG on both accounts and on track to my first Ironman later this year. Lake Placid here I come! The people that I have met along the way and the places I have been able to explore while on the bike has definitely been such an amazing experience! And as I share my Tri journey, I hope that it inspires others to dream big as well!