I am a 53 year old wife, mom, and friend to many and found myself immersed in the sport of triathlon when my first love from middle school showed back up into my life 6 years ago~he is a 10x Ironman finisher and a triathlon coach for almost 25 years now. I am not competitive, struggled with (still struggling with some) several chronic medical issues for years and was extremely overweight and non-active. Fast forward to the present, feeling better, lighter, and more active, and especially LOVE to ride my bike, even more so with my husband and friends. I should mention that we also own a race production company with 25 events across the state of NY and find myself feeling responsible for the 1000’s of athletes that race with us every year and their safety while out on the courses not only competing but training. In 2019 my husband was hit by a car, right in front of me, while we were riding out in Amish country (not a heavily trafficked road as you can imagine, unless you count horse drawn buggies). Miraculously he was not seriously injured, but I still suffer high anxiety moments from that and love what Triny and the #itcouldbeme movement is doing to protect us while out there doing what we love. Education for motor vehicle drivers and cyclists/runners/walkers is so very important in keeping everyone safe and getting home to their families. Just trying to do my part in my little corner of the world.