It Could Be Me Ambassador Erica Jansons on The Wilbraham- Hampden Times

 I am so grateful for our ambassador Ērica Jansons for using her voice and spreading our message and mission. When I started, It Could Be Me, this was exactly what I envisioned. Leaders in communities doing their best to change the narrative and save lives.  Thank you so much, Erica for being outspoken and using […]

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It Could Be Me on The Tririot Podcast

I had the incredible opportunity to sit down and chat with Lowell Gould. I was the first guest on his podcast and I am so honored! We talked for an hour about #itcouldbeme and how to get involved to create a positive impact in our communities. Thank you so much Lowell for such a great […]

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#ItCouldBeMe on Advice for Eating

There have been people that made a huge impact on my life, so huge they have completely changed everything about me in the process.
I met Catherine in 2003, I had never been athletic before and was in a tough place with my weight, confidence, and self-esteem.
Catherine had a program with Leslie and Ronnie Klaus that showed me (and many others) how to change our lifestyle in order to be the healthiest and strongest version of ourselves. They created a community that we could be accountable to, so we could meet our goals each week through proper nutrition and exercise. Those weeks turned into months and before I knew it I had lost 50 pounds and over 55 inches all over my body. Most importantly I was the happiest and healthiest I had been in decades. In 2010 I added coaching beyond the program with Bob Talamini who introduced me triathlon.
I will forever be grateful to them.
Catherine featured me in her newsletter and I wanted to share this because I know we are all struggling right now in one way or another.
I think she can help many of us right now. She is offering zoom consultations and will be such a great resource. She can help with any dietary needs from immunity boosting meal ideas to weight loss. She has always had great and super creative ideas.
I am attaching the link to her newsletter where you will find all of the info and in the end, you can read the interview we did.
Thank you so much, Catherine, for always believing in me and making me believe in myself.

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